Шал за кърмене Лятна мечта е продукт от лимитирани и изцяло ръчно направени шалове с мисия.

“Силната необходимост да се чувствам комфортно, докато храня своето бебе, ме провокира да създам шал за кърмене Лятна мечта, който съчетава в себе си удобството, красотата и функционалността”.

These are Anita's words when we asked her "why".

Шал за кърмене Лятна мечта, както и останалите наши шалове за кърмене са изцяло ръчно направени, само от естествени материали и лимитирани разцветки.

Created to combine at least 8 wear options as a beautiful accessory. And if necessary, they quickly take a suitable shape, so as to ensure a comfortable breastfeeding for your baby without worrying that someone will see something that shouldn't.

It's amazing when you touch the so natural materials of these limited edition products.

The high-quality linen embraces you and brings a feeling of lightness, coziness and comfort. And these sensations are also transmitted to your baby... irreplaceable.

Material - 95% linen, 5% elastane

Flax is a natural raw material that is extracted from the long stem with the cellulose fibers of the flax plant. It is then processed into a textile fabric in the form of a sheet, which is breathable and extremely pleasant to the skin.

Linen is ironed in a slightly damp state and dry cleaning and tumble drying are not recommended.

Linen clothes should not be spun. In case you have used a spinner and the garment has lost its shape, iron it with a steam iron on the outside to restore its original appearance.

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