Кратка история за програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе (FIT MAMA – FIT BABY)…

Родих второто си дете и не спирам да се движа. На 20-тия ден започнах с ходене, продължих с тичане, а не след дълго внедрих домашните тренировки заедно с дъщеря ми. Установих, че с две деца ми е все по-трудно да стигам всеки път, когато поискам в залата за тренировки.
Затова, в търсене на алтернативи за повече движение и тренировки в ежедневието ми, реших да създам уникалната по рода си в България тренировъчна програма заедно с моето бебе. Програма нарекох ” Програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе “.

I developed the first training program of its kind in Bulgaria, which is for mothers with babies! Specially created with love for expectant mothers.

A program with a MISSION that aims to promote babywearing and sports after birth!

Изградих програма FIT MAMA – FIT BABY в кратки и много ефективни тренировки, които ще отнемат от 5 до 30 минути от деня ти! Ти решаваш колко време имаш.

Getting in shape after giving birth is either mission impossible or a totally achievable task. Either you will have one reason NOT to happen - the baby and the responsibilities it brings, or the exact opposite. You will only need one helper to MAKE that happen and he has been in your belly for 9 months.

What greater incentive and wonderful experience is there to exercise with your baby? Let's turn birth from a cause of failure into a motivation for progress.

We know that the postpartum period is extremely chaotic, full of stress, tension, lack of sleep, often incessant baby crying and a lot of everyday life. Postpartum depression often haunts us, we don't have enough time, and at one point we don't know where to start putting things in order and whether we can do it at all.

Thousands of unanswered questions float in our minds.

  • How to take care of ourselves?
  • How will we get back to our pre-pregnancy shape?
  • And will we ever wear our favorite jeans again?

За КОГО е подходяща програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе?

If you are already a mother, holding your beautiful baby in your arms and don't have any time for training, then this program is just for you.

КОГА можеш да стартираш програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе?

You can start it from the ninth week / the beginning of the 3rd month / after the birth if it was natural. At least 3 full months are needed if you are after a C-section.

Какво получаваш, вземайки програмата Фит Мама и Фит Бебе?

You will get access to an educational section with nutrition tips.

Training program with video visualization of each exercise, which is for 3 months.

5 workouts per week with a vidvo trailer at each workout.

+ 2 bonus workouts for butt and legs.

ЦЕЛ на програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе:

The goal of the program is to restore the pelvic floor, abdominal area and the relationship between them.

Weight loss during pregnancy.

Returning to pre-pregnancy shape.

Fun and tone for you and your baby.

Variety and freshness in your everyday life.

Self-confidence that even in the busy daily life of a mother, you find some time to take care of your health, physical condition and vision.

За какъв ПЕРИОД от време е програмата Фит Мама и Фит Бебе ?

The program is designed so that you can apply it from the third month of birth until you feel good and have progress. It was built in 3 months. After that, you can switch to a program for complete transformation "The Body", which starts after the 6th month from birth.

Колко често и колко дълги са тренировките в програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе?

The frequency and duration of training are tailored to this busy period for mothers who still want to resume their motor activity and regain their vision. There are 5 training sessions per week of 5-30 minutes each /you choose how much to do/. Every single workout is done at home with your baby. If you really don't have time on any of the days, you can only do 10 minutes of the workout. I guarantee you they will be enough to make you feel good.

Required equipment:

- Mat, short and long rubber band, dumbbells - 2-3 kg, pilates ball

– Your baby ❤️

Достъп до програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе:

Although the program is built for 3 months, after paying for it, you will get a year's access to it directly in your account. And in the event of a second birth, after which you would like to use it, we will unlock it again for you - for free!

Пояснения относно програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе:

Всяко едно упражнение от програма Фит Мама и Фит Бебе е специално подбрано така, че да не навреди по никакъв начин на теб и бебето. Ако се чувстваш несигурна в качеството на изпълнението на някое упражнение, можеш да го пропуснеш. Здравето на теб и твоето бебе са приоритет. My advice is to put a velvet diaper between you and the baby so that they don't sweat while exercising.

I send you a lot of love and I wish YOU many exciting and fruitful trainings - together!

From me to you ❤️

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