Менторска консултация – какво трябва да знаете?

⚠️ WHO is it suitable for❓

👭 Консултациите са за ВСЯКО момиче, жена, майка, която има нужда от:

👉 Change in your lifestyle

👉 Improving eating habits

👉 Creating or improving motor culture

👉 Increasing motivation

👉 More self-belief

👉 Giving guidelines for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle

👉 Nutrition and activity during pregnancy

👉 Recovery after childbirth

👉 The postpartum period and the accompanying difficulties

👉 Discussion of problems such as postpartum depression, emotional eating, anorexia, bulimia

👉 Nutrition and motor activity during breastfeeding

⚠️ КАК се осъществява менторска консултация❓

👉 The consultation is by phone and aims to answer all your questions and problems described above.

👉 It is completely individual and confidential with each girl who requested such a consultation

⏳Менторска консултация – КОГА се провежда и с каква продължителност❓

👉 Дните за тях са с предварително записан час, удобен и за двете страни. Продължителността на менторска консултация е според въпросите, които искаш да зададеш и това, от което имаш нужда. Опита ми показва, че продължават около 10-15 минути.

⚠️ WHY I do it❓

👉 To help you with the knowledge and over 12 years of experience I have in my work

👉 To give a chance to women who want to make the change for themselves, don't know how to start, but don't have the opportunity to pay for a consultation. Now they will have no excuse not to start 👑

🔥 If you are still wondering whether to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle, then do not hesitate to write to me. It will be my pleasure to guide you along this path 👭

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Консултация по телефон, Консултация в лична среща за гр. София, Пакет 5 броя онлайн консултации


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