Book "The Goddess in You" - Bible for the path to the better

Do you feel like you need a change in your life?

The stress, the eternal commitments, the unhealthy food, the lack of time... All this takes parts of us. It distances us from the essence and worsens our physical and mental health.

Anita Markova is a fitness model, motivator and wellness consultant. She wrote the book for two years while in maternity and collected 75 indispensable tactics on the way to a healthy lifestyle in physical and spiritual aspects.

She believes that "Within every woman lives a Goddess waiting to be awakened." In the book, he reveals his secrets for maintaining perfect shape and strong motivation for personal development through many personal examples and shared experiences. With a single goal - to help you believe that you can achieve everything you dream of.

In the book "The Goddess in You" - Bible for the way to better you will find 75 tactics, some of which are:

  • Water as a necessity
  • Alkaline-acid balance and its role in improving health
  • Food as a conscious choice - combining nutrients
  • Implementation of sports in the dynamic everyday life of the 21st century
  • Emotional eating - specific tactics for dealing with it
  • Breathing is an indispensable technique for achieving balance
  • Methods for dealing with stress in everyday life
  • How to be fit and sexy
  • Exercises for the mind


  • 2 diets, one of which is vegetarian.

The book "The Goddess in You" is available in two versions:

  • Luxury limited edition with hard cover from BGN 42.
  • Luxury edition with soft cover from BGN 35.
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If you need motivation to become the best version of you, this book is for you.


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